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The roach that observes the other roaches never makes it home. The space between your heart and your mouth is a maze. Like the roach, only the feelings that exist alone make it out alive.


Floating in the pool of Neptune is your essence. Swimming in the lake of Jupiter is your soul. Reality is an ocean your mind has yet to dive in as you sweep your foot across surface again and again.


Air is literally the only promise that won’t break for you this week as Uranus continues to spatially aggress Saturn. If you fight for a cause, know the effect will fight you back. Stick to breathing.


There’s the lover that you think you are, the lover that you want to be, the lover that you need to be, and the lover you were born to be. None of them are who you really are, the lover who loves to their own death.


If you find yourself on the wrong side of Mercury, you’ll never find yourself at all. You can try anything, and at the same time it will feel like everything is nothing. Unfortunately for you, there is no right side of Mercury. 


Moonipulation is the act in which the moon seeks to shift your emotions mid expression. It’s that feeling of hatred when you smile at a stranger or the sympathy you feel for your significant other as you scream in their face. Now you know.


Even the sun needs a partner in crime. Your passion should be considered arson this week. Everything you touch will turn to ash.


The Earth and Mercury are playing a game of chess and you are every single piece. You are in constant movement but you want to know why. That’s when you realize you aren’t just the pieces, you are also the board. And the Earth. And Mercury.


Radiant sapphire in the 7th house promotes inner harmony when your soul commits treason on your heart. In moments of silence, find company in reflections.


Mars paints the seventh house a silky red to promote your untapped sensuality. In the same moment, Pluto reflects off the belly dancing of the ocean to light your ferocity. Use protection.


In the most ideal sense, Jupiter makes itself present in your thighs this week. You must trust it in order to leap to new levels of wisdom and over the puddles that seek to extinguish the fire you never knew you had.


There is a silent war raging between air and the Earth. Despite every bind and constriction presented by Saturn, you are the fear. Let your presence known with your feet firmly planted on the ground and your hands raised to the air.

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