Meditation Retreat Reveals Answer On What To Eat For Lunch

Bhutan, Himalayas - After a week long silent meditation retreat John Powers finally realized what he wanted for lunch.

"I had gone up into the mountains with the aspiration to destroy my ego, maybe attain some degree of realization into the nature of reality. I didn't accomplish either, but I did have a clear luminescent vision of a turkey sandwich," said Powers, a real estate developer from Orange County, CA.

"He never knows what he wants for lunch," said coworker Kelly Vandermeer. "We're always waiting on John to make his decision so we can place our order. The menu never changes but he can never make up his mind. He phoned me from Bhutan when he came down from the mountain. His voice sounded different, happy, it was a different John. 'Turkey sandwich' he said when I picked up the phone. I said 'John? Is that you?' 'Turkey sandwich' he said again and then hung up. I was so happy for him."

"I've always loved turkey sandwiches," Powers told EB, "but I never knew they were part of my spiritual path."

Powers is actually not supposed to be eating meat as the particular sect of Buddhism he is a part of decrees that all practitioners should be vegetarian.