Yoga Teacher Talks Through Entire Shavasana

Philadelphia, PA - Amanda Flores leads a rigorous and invigorating dynamic flow class. Unfortunately students are complaining that she does not shut up when shavasana begins.

Though Flores was trained in India she is also apparently a motor mouth. "All I could think about during the class was 'Is she ever going to shut the fuck up so I can actually do the poses without her talking constantly?' Then shavasana comes along and she's telling me to relax and be like a dandelion."

It's not only that she talks too much but that she seems to forget that students have been holding the pose for a very long time while she rambles on about her own life. Students in Wednesday's class were in bridge pose for eight minutes while she talked about a day in junior high when someone spoke to her meanly and she wished she had seen the moment from a different perspective. This was related to back bends in some way.

Flores admits she can be a tad "loquacious," as she puts it, but there is value in the words she says. "My classes are geared to open their minds as well as their bodies. We are all at different levels of awareness and each student will absorb the class at the level that they're at. Some might experience me as talking too much, some might experience me as talking too little."

When told that no one experiences her as talking too little she pressed, "But still, some might, in the future."

Flores is one of the few yoga teachers who has been reviewed on Yelp and all the reviews are 1 star. The top criticism is that she talks too much. Here are some of the reviews:

"Was excited to take Amanda's class today until I realized she doesn't ever shut her fucking mouth." - yoga4life22

"She left us in downward dog for what felt like a lifetime and she's talking about butterflies being true love. I was like 'bitch, shut the fuck up' and change the fucking pose already!" - peacefulmindz

"Finally shavasana is here I thought but nope she just kept going, talking about aliens and the government and opening our hearts to the ocean." - downwarddoggystyle69