Yoga Teacher's Penis And Balls Clearly Outlined

NYC, NY - In the 12:15PM class at Yogagá Studio the outline of teacher Michael Clarkson's penis and balls were very clear and present. Students apparently had trouble holding the poses due to the clear shape of Clarkson's penis head.

Clarkson, a believer that form is most important for the poses, will first hold the pose for the class before they attempt it themselves. In each instance the asana was overshadowed by the bulge of his balls, one of which was either higher or smaller than the other.

"I'm all for doing the poses correctly, but it was hard to concentrate on anything but the clearly defined shape and length of his penis," said one yogi. "At least he wasn't wearing his sheer linen pants. When he wears those you can actually see his penis and balls, how they move, their cadence."

Clarkson's penis has been reported as neither huge or small, but somewhere comfortably in between, though the head of his penis might be a tad larger than necessary for the shaft. "I'm not a penis expert, and I don't know what happens when it's erect, but it looks to be a bit overgrown for the stalk," said a practitioner.

Clarkson is apparently unaware of his genitals being an issue. When asked about the issue, he said, "Yoga is a way of connecting to our higher purpose, of being in the moment, and letting the outside world float away." When pressed if the outside world includes the contours of the veins of his balls he said, "Indeed it does."