Polyamorous Couple Fucks The Shit Out Of Unsuspecting Man

Irvine, CA - Joel Osterman was about to pay his tab at the bar he goes to every night when he was approached by affable Steve Michaels, local real estate agent and personal trainer.

"He asked me if I'd like to join he and his wife for a drink at their table. I'm new to the area and still settling in so I figured why not," said Osterman. What he didn't realize was that Steve and Michelle Michaels had been buying round after round of drinks so that his defenses would be down come leaving time.

"'Let's continue this at our place, whadda ya say?' they asked me. By that point I was pretty hammered and was up for anything; well, almost anything. As soon as I walked into their house, Steve pushed me against the wall and grabbed my crotch hard.

"He said to me 'You have such fucking amazing eyes, I'm going to suck your dick.' I was shocked. And I didn't have time to react before he was on his knees doing just as he said he would do. Even if I wanted to do something I don't know that I could, he's really strong and in shape."

This was apparently just the warm up as Osterman was then carried upstairs like a baby in Steve's muscular arms and dropped onto the bed.

From there Michelle sat on Osterman's face and told him she wanted him to lick her clean.

Steve then sat on Osterman's penis without any lubricant and rode him until Michelle told her husband that she wanted "some of that dick too" and took over where Steve left off.

Steve then moved to Osterman's face and shoved his own massive penis into Osterman's mouth, with his hand behind Osterman's head to ensure there would be no escape.

"To be honest I can't say I didn't enjoy some aspects of it, but it was all just very sudden and I wouldn't say consensual. This felt more like some assumed submission party that I would like. Nonplussed is the word that comes to mind when I think back on that night."

Steve and Michelle Michaels are regulars in the local polyamory community where they've run through all sex partner options. Picking up unassuming candidates at the local establishments is how they keep their marriage - that died in 2004 - hot.