Bodhisattva Resentful Towards Ungrateful World

Darien, CT — Local Darien resident Fred McIntyre, recognized by Tibetan lamas as a reincarnate high being, has been growing increasingly frustrated with a world that as of late he feels is completely unappreciative of his compassionate efforts.

“I have been coming back lifetime after lifetime to help everyone attain enlightenment,” McIntyre told Egobaby, “and while I’m not going to stop I’m frankly a bit annoyed that nobody is throwing even a chin nod my way. Just something, y’know?”

Revered Tibetan lamas within the Tibetan Buddhist community had dreams of a previous high lama being born in the west. Their dreams led them to Darien, CT and then to Fred McIntyre’s house. Once Fred passed the various tests they deemed him a reincarnation of a previous high lama and his life has never been the same.

“After the lamas left town I started having dreams of past lives,” said McIntyre, “where I did remarkable things for people. I’ve been making vows that I will always come back to earth until there is no more suffering, and I will, but can I get a thumbs up for chrissakes?!”

Within the Darien, CT community McIntyre has been organizing volunteer efforts to help the homeless, clean up the streets, create recycling programs, and form groups to sit with the dying during their last days.

While the community definitely appreciates him Darien residents are also feeling guilty about the contrast between his and their previous lives.

“Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great guy, but the way he’s always running around town helping people makes me feel like a bad person. I wish he’d just move to Danbury already,” said local resident Greg Platsky.

McIntyre knows the town would like him to relocate and is quick to respond with, “I’m not moving to Danbury. Just say thank you once! Or ‘thanks’ or just a ‘cool, man’. Unbelievable.”