Hindu Chant Morphs Into Telephone Game

Santa Fe, NM – A recent chanting session at a Hindu temple went awry after twenty minutes, when what started as “Om Namah Shivaya” became “Oh nevahmaña Sofia.”

While technically neither English or Spanish, the hybrid expression - if we had to translate - is something akin to telling a female named “Sofia” to never mind. Who Sofia is, what she is not minding, and why it isn’t necessary for her to mind the information that was seemingly intended for her is unknown.

For a brief period the crowd was chanting both mantras with the “Sofia” crowd growing increasingly irate that the “Shivaya” crowd was not giving proper respect to the goddess, Sofia, clearly a Hindu spirit that had made herself known for this auspicious occasion. The Sofia group chanted louder until the Shivaya group eventually acquiesced and joined them.

Many of the Sofia chanters have since splintered off into their own Hindu sect. They are in the process of building their own temple and researching the goddess, Sofia. They have not yet been able to find any info on her on the internet. "I've tried Google, I've tried Yahoo, I guess I should try Bing now? Does that work?" one devotee told Egobaby.

Artist renderings have already begun to depict what they imagine she must look like. The renderings are clearly a Hindu’d-up Sofia Vergara, but nobody is mentioning that detail at this point.