Numerologist Makes Terrible Life Decisions Based On Numbers

Boise, ID ­– Numerology, the study of numbers and their influence on our lives, can be a fun and insightful tool, however a man named Neil Garner has been making terrible life altering, irrevocable decisions based on the philosophy.

Garner has been trying to build his numerology business to guide people but it has been slow going as Garner’s own life is crumbling in the process.

“It started when I was seeing the number 222 everywhere. I would check the time and it would say 2:22, I’d look up an address and the street number would be 222. Once I felt that synchronicity I started using it to guide my life. I can’t say it’s been going great as I’m in jail and frightened for my life, but I’m sticking with it because it’s the truth.”

Friends and family were at first willing to let Garner use numerology to guide their lives but became skeptical when he was arrested for tax evasion. “It was an honest mistake. I was using 222 to determine the best time to do my taxes but the IRS has their own policies and didn’t agree.”

Garner then refused the attorney assigned to his case by the city and decided to represent himself because of the number, 222. He ended incurring a lengthier sentence for himself.

While in jail his wife met with a divorce lawyer and was granted full custody of their children. Garner says he predicted this using the number 222 but also couldn’t prevent it from happening. “222 doesn’t do everything for me, but it does a lot. I’m confident I can get back on track. Two two two equals six. Six is half of twelve which is half of one day, which is twenty-four. Twenty is two plus zero plus four is six. See what I mean?”

Garner is currently waiting for someone to post bail for him.