Positive Spiritual Woman Has No Personality

College Park, MD – Georgina Lambert is an upbeat single woman who loves yoga, health food, and believes everyone on the planet is connected. Her idealistic goals are unfortunately thwarted by the fact that she does not have a personality. Her positivity and spiritual heart are her two most outstanding traits, but they do not make a personality as far as those that know her are concerned.

“Don’t get me wrong, she’s really nice and always smiles at me, says ‘namaste’ whenever I see her,” says Joel Crandon, a member at the same yoga studio, “but god help you if you have to talk to her for more than five seconds. Everything you say is ‘wonderful’ and ‘beautiful’ it makes you want to puke all over her. I guess I believe the same things she does, it’s just so boring when she talks about it.”

Lambert was never known as one to stand out in a crowd. Her parents, Melissa and Paul, say she was looking for an identity of her own since adolescence. “I personally like people with a bit of an edge,” said her mother, “who have their own take on things, but Georgina just says ‘wonderful’ a lot after everything. After awhile you want to scream, ‘IS THERE ANYBODY IN THERE?!’ at her.”

“When people ask me how my daughter is it stops me in my tracks,” said Lambert’s father, “and then I remember I have this really boring daughter who thinks everything’s wonderful and beautiful and then I just say ‘oh she’s fine I guess.’”

Lambert is quick to acknowledge a blessing whenever she sees it and will say the word “blessings” out loud.