Greg’s Friends And Family Refuse To Call Him “Ohar Kamuna”

Tallahassee, FL – Greg Idris underwent a spiritual reformation one year ago when he attended a tantric dance seminar in Hawaii. At the end of the seminar he was given the tantric name of “Ohar Kamuna” which means “one who meditates, flower.”

Despite his request he now be addressed as ‘Ohar’, Greg’s family and friends continue to call him ‘Greg’.

“I’m not going to call him Ohar, he’s Greg. And he always will be. And he owes me a hundred dollars too,” said Greg’s childhood friend, Dave.

The tantric retreat was a transformational experience for Idris, who has been trying to find his ‘thing’ for quite some time now. In Hawaii, Idris finally felt like his true self, with those that understood the real him. Says Greg, “Tantric dance opened my eyes to a world of love I didn’t know existed. Once I stepped into that world I left Greg behind me and said hello to ‘Ohar.’”

Greg’s friend, Barry, feels differently, “He was Greg when he left and he was Greg when he returned. Wherever he goes he’ll always be ‘Greg’ and I’ll always call him ‘Greg’ because that’s his name.”

“Even if I was to acknowledge a new spiritual name for him, he just doesn’t feel like an ‘Ohar’ to me,” said Greg’s mother, Doris. “I’m happy that he found his calling, but I mean, his name’s definitely Greg.”