Excited Woman Can’t Stop Shuffling Tarot Cards, Psychic Falls Asleep

Tulsa, OK — Jane Tompkins was excited to receive her psychic reading, a birthday gift from her daughter, but she never actually received the reading.

The psychic, Eleanor Harris, asked her to first shuffle a deck of tarot cards, which is typical for a psychic reading, in order to align the client’s energy with the tarot deck.

Tompkins was so excited about the reading she became transfixed with shuffling the cards, desperate to ensure she would get all the answers for which she came. Even after the psychic told her it was good enough Tompkins couldn’t stop.

“’Just a little more for good luck’ she kept saying to me,” said Harris. “I kept trying to tell her it was fine, it wasn’t going to do anything but she had a look on her face that said ‘please let me shuffle these for as long as I want.’ So I did. And then I fell asleep, which I didn’t predict.”

“I’m not sure what happened to me,” said Tompkins. “I remember being given the deck of tarot cards to shuffle and then I don’t have memory after that. I do remember a feeling of ‘these can never be shuffled enough.’ But I don’t have memory of being there for what was apparently two hours of straight shuffling.”

Tompkins has another psychic reading booked, this time with a different psychic. She is shuffling cards every day leading up to the reading to get it out of her system.

“I think they should have two decks: one they read from and one you can just keep shuffling till your heart’s content because to be honest with you, if the next psychic gives me another deck to shuffle I can’t promise I won’t shuffle those forever.”