Man Thinks He Felt ‘Something’ After Hug From Female Guru

Lexington, KY – Joel Hanson waited six hours to receive a hug from a female Indian guru and is convinced he felt something afterwards. What that something was he couldn’t say but he’s sure it’s a thing.

Thousands of people line up for hours to receive a hug from the guru, who travels the world to give hugs to anyone who wants one. Hanson’s hug lasted all of three seconds but he will tell you he felt “something.”

“I can’t describe it, it’s beyond words, but I felt it, it was a thing inside within me,” Hanson told Egobaby. When pressed for a bit more description, Hanson said, “Look, it was a thing and I felt it. There are lots of things in this world, this is one of them.”

Many devotees convince themselves they have felt something due to the long wait they endure to receive their hug, but Hanson insists he didn’t rationalize the “thing” he felt because of the wait. “The fact that I waited for six hours for a three second hug is irrelevant. I felt something, it was a thing that I felt, and it was felt by me.”

Hanson confirmed the “thing” was probably transcendent but didn't want to make too big of a deal about it. "I can't really remember. The thing I felt didn't last that long but that shouldn't mean I didn't feel it, whatever it was, and if it even happened, which I'm pretty sure it did. Wait, I meant to say it definitely did."

When asked if he’d do it again, he said, “No. I was very bored all day and I couldn’t shit, but I definitely felt something, don’t try to take that away from me.”