Woman Living In The Now Paralyzed With Fear

Kansas City, KS – Those that know Gayle Laughton personally will tell you that she neither dwells in the past nor clings to the future; she is a well-practiced expert at living in the present moment, where true peace resides.

The only problem is that Laughton happens to be paralyzed with fear in the present moment and cannot move any which way to break the bond of fear that has her strapped to her kitchen chair.

Laughton has been paralyzed in the present moment for the last year. It occurred after she became increasingly aware that clinging to the past and future creates suffering.

Aiming to free herself from the bonds of suffering she vowed to rest in the moment and submerge herself in the now. She fully submerged herself in the now so much though that she became reliant on the present moment.

An amorphous fear of making a decision or thinking about past decisions enveloped her being.

It is not the fear that a decision will lead to a negative outcome, as that would display attachment to the future, but it is simply a fear of envisioning any moment but the present one; the present moment has frozen her into a petrified stillness.

Laughton’s limbs have grown numb and friends say only her eyeballs move to communicate.

We asked Laughton if she felt any peace of mind by resting in the moment and her eyes looked left, then right.