Astrologer Says Something Good Might Happen To You, And Also Something Bad

Indianapolis, IN — In a recent post, astrologer Francine Mountainside indicated all the signs might benefit from the upcoming new moon; conversely, you might experience some kind of setback.

“It’s difficult to say from where I sit,” said Mountainside, “I’d have to do an individual reading for your chart,” she told her readers.

If you are one of the lucky ones you might experience a windfall of money from an inheritance, a new job, taxes, cash prize, owed money, found money, a loophole, a tear in the fabric of the universe, a settled lawsuit, services provided, or a job well done.

On the other hand, you might be spending money on something unexpected and, unfortunately, very costly. You won’t see it coming and you won’t like it when it happens.

Similarly, the position of Saturn could mean you are about to land that dream job; this would go for everyone. Well, almost everyone. Depending on your particular aspects it could also mean you’re going to lose your job.

“It’s hard to say,” Mountainside reiterated. “Could go either way.”

Mars is also hard to predict. Its position could mean you are the belle of the ball this month or you are ostracized and feeling like nobody loves you.

If Mars shines favorably on you, it could mean you find true love, you might get married, have a baby, get a promotion, grow taller, become more attractive and likeable, and let go of your fears; if Mars is in conflict with you this month, you might get divorced, lose your job, alienate yourself, kill someone or be killed yourself, get smaller, lose your hair, and disappear.

“These planets in the sky, I tell ya, they are very confusing!” Mountainside concluded.