Apparently Decisions You Make Affect Your Future

Taos, NM — After years of research, psychologists and spiritualists alike discovered that the decisions you make for yourself apparently affect your future.

Motivational speakers have been touting this theory for decades but it didn’t have the backing of the scientific community until now.

This is news to most humans who live as though the decisions they make do not affect their future at all.

“We have to stop living as though the decisions we make don’t have any significance on the rest of our lives,” says psychologist David Greenberg. “If we don’t we’ll be living a life of the decisions we made but we won’t realize it, and that will be like living a life based on decisions that you didn’t mean to make since you didn’t realize they were going to have an affect on your future.”

And it’s not just a few decisions, apparently it’s all of the decisions we make, from what we choose to eat for lunch to what we choose as our career to who we choose to marry.

Apparently all of these decisions affect the outcome of our lives. If it sounds confusing, that’s because it is.

“Take lunch for example. If your stomach doesn’t process dairy well but you keep eating yogurt then you’re going to have stomach problems,” says Greenberg. “That’s a direct correlation between what you chose to eat and the consequence of that decision.

"Similarly, if you marry someone who doesn’t share your desire to travel then it will be difficult to plan a vacation down the line. So, to put it plainly, you made a choice to marry someone who doesn’t like to travel and it will affect your future because you’ll find that travel becomes a struggle. The formula in this case would be spouse [choice] = struggle [future].”

Whether this theory catches on or not remains to be seen, which is apparently the point of the theory?