Man Sees Impatient Friend As Teacher Of Patience, And Loathes Him For It

Oconomowoc, WI — Kyle Thomas has always been a believer that the obstacles life throws your way are there to teach you lessons. Thomas believes you can reframe a challenge as an opportunity; this is how he regards his friend, Jim Haggerty, the most impatient man he knows.

“Rather than tell him to relax and try to be patient because there’s no point in making everyone’s lives miserable when you’ve dragged them into your terrible plans and you can’t stand to sit still or just wait for a fucking second until you get what you want...

"’s not like the entire world is there to service your needs yet you have to fucking huff and puff and say mean shit under your breath which everyone in your vicinity can hear, it’s like you’re trying to get into a fight, and in my head I’m thinking just settle the fuck down already...

"’re ruining my life while you’re ruining your own, and what’s the point of even being alive if you can’t enjoy one fucking moment of it while you’re a tad inconvenienced, hello wake the fuck up, there are billions of people on the planet and you’re one of them, you fucking ant.

"So rather than do that I try to remember that he is actually teaching me patience by having to be patient with him,” says Thomas. “I shift my perspective to work on myself. Then I thank him internally for being my teacher and then after that I hate his guts for about two days because I can’t stand being around him.”

Thomas says it used to be worse, when he wasn’t able to see people and events as teachers. He would try to change the external world, tell people how they went wrong, try to get the universe to bend to his needs.

“I don’t do that anymore,” says Thomas, “because it’s futile. I realized I have the freedom to frame my experiences so they work in my favor. And Jim has the freedom to act like a little fucking baby any time he wants. That’s his right.

And I thank him for it. Because I’m growing spiritually, and he’s stagnating as a fucking asshole piece of shit.”