Vegan Parents Can’t Stop Calling Their Newborn “Baby Spinach”

Myrtle Beach, SC – Much to the dismay of their friends and family, Paul and Yasmine Flynn won’t stop calling their toddler, “Baby Spinach.” The baby’s actual name is Michael, but nobody has ever heard the Flynns call their child “Michael.”

Even Dr. Wasserman, who delivered Michael, says the Flynns were calling him “Baby Spinach” before he ever came out of Yasmine.

“Paul was chanting ‘push out baby spinach, baby. Push him out, you can do it. Push out our little baby spinach’,” said Dr. Wasserman. “At one point I made an excuse that I had to leave the room for something important but it was just to kick things because it was so annoying.”

Yasmine’s friends first heard the nickname during the baby shower. Every time she opened a gift she’d say, “Oh my god, our little Baby Spinach is going to love this!” Her friends went along with the joke, figuring it would wear off by the time the baby was actually born. Not so apparently.

“When she first said it we all thought let’s just let her have this for now," said Yasmine's friend, Natalie. "Little did we know this would carry through the entire first year of the baby’s life. He’s eighteen months now. Call him fucking Michael already.”

Paul has lost the few friends he had due to the nickname. His friend, Rich, hung in the longest but when Paul told him Baby Spinach was now actually eating creamed baby spinach and could he believe that, Paul said “You’re disgusting,” and hung up the phone.