Healing Power Of Sunlight Fails To Save Dying Woman

Lincoln, NE – When Barbara Sherman’s doctor gave her a six-month-to-live diagnosis she went on the hunt for all forms of alternative healing. She was determined not to let a little cancer seal her fate.

Sherman decided she’d be open to all forms of medicine, both Western, Eastern, and everything holistic in between.

That is when she met alternative healer, Dr. Flaxman, renowned for his ability to harness energy from the sun to affect miracles in patients with terminal illnesses.

Sadly, after six months of intense solar therapy she died.

Even during her final hours, despite five months with no positive results, Sherman maintained full faith in Dr. Flaxman. Weak and clearly on the precipice of death, Dr. Flaxman suggested they move Wendy from Nebraska to Arizona to place her in the middle of the desert. “Go for it,” she wrote down on a napkin. A few minutes later she passed.

Family of Sherman’s began to have doubts about the healing power of sunlight around the three-month mark. “I suggested to Barbara that maybe we could try chemotherapy,” said Barbara’s sister, Betty, “but Barbara was confident that a little more sunlight would do the trick. She did have a great tan by the end, I’ll say that.”

Dr. Flaxman was dismayed Barbara did not have more time to give the treatment. “I wish we had moved her to Sudan or the Negev at the start of her treatment. That kind of heat - both solar and religious - is the perfect antibody.”