Healer “Truth Eagle” Thinking Of Becoming A Hawk Now

Shreveport, LA – Customers and devotees of the healer known as “Truth Eagle” were devastated to learn that he (aka Robert Fishman) is considering becoming a hawk and retiring his eagle persona.

Eagle has been guiding people to truth and the higher realms of consciousness for twenty years and he has been using his eagle-like abilities to do it.

Much like an eagle soars effortlessly through the spacious sky, so does Truth Eagle’s mind travel through the empty space of awareness. Students have felt him soar through the space of their own minds and pick out the mice of delusion he sees scurrying in their thoughts.

“He ate at least four of my negative thoughts during one session,” said Phillip Westenberg. “I am not thrilled to hear that he’s becoming a hawk but as long as he can keep eating the mice in my brain I guess I’m ok with it.”

This decision was not easy for Eagle; it’s something he’s been grappling with for a long time. “I am comfortable being an eagle,” he told Egobaby.

“But you don’t see a lot of eagles anymore. I don’t know why that is. You do see a lot of hawks though. Hawks must be doing something right then. For the sake of my own survival I will lay my eagle self to rest and emerge as a hawk at the next new moon.”

One woman who has been going to Eagle for post-traumatic divorce stress said, “Why do men have to change so much?” when she heard the news.

Eagle’s new name will be “Baby Hawk” as he will be but a baby in his new bird form. Granted, a baby with the wisdom of a beautiful talking hawk, but humility is key for Eagle.

“If I were to ever assume I was better than anyone else because of my ability to fly through consciousness then I wouldn’t be fit to join the raptor clan.”