Man Misaligns His Mood With The Wrong Oils

Mesquite, NV - Kyle Manning was feeling stressed out by his workload and decided to turn to his collection of oils to help calm his mind. Thinking he was applying Bergamot (a sweet, fruity scent that helps to inspire calmness) he didn't realize in his stressed state he was actually applying a peaceful, sleep blend.

Normally the peaceful, sleep blend he chose wouldn't have done much harm but due to his stress level he chose to cover his entire body in it. Within the hour he was in a deep, soothing sleep that lasted for twenty-four hours.

Manning woke up refreshed, calm, with a peaceful mind. Within minutes he realized he hadn't finished any of the work he had done, he was late for work, he would miss his project's deadline (which had already been extended), and he was extremely greasy from the amount of oil that was on his body.

With no time to freshen up properly he again turned to his oils and applied what he thought was rosemary, only for it to be the same peaceful, sleep blend from the day before. Under two coats of the peaceful oil, his legs became jelly and he crashed his car into a mailbox. His job advised him to stay home, finish the project, and get some rest.

Back at home, he tried once more to apply the correct oil, this time going for lavender to calm and clear his head. Forgetting he had used the lavender bottle to fill with sesame oil awhile back when he attended a pot luck dinner he was soon doused in sesame oil, which didn't change his mood one way or the other.

Manning has since finished his work and is currently covered in peppermint.