Very Taurus Woman Discovers Her Date Is A Scorpio, Freaks Out

Savannah, GA - Heather Bibbs didn't bother asking what sign Scott Gianunzio was. They were getting along so well and were clearly so attracted to each other that she figured he must be a Virgo or Pisces. So she wasn't worried when, during dessert, she asked, "You're a Virgo, right?" Not a follower of astrology, Gianunzio had to think for a moment before answering, but when he did Bibbs' face went white and she dropped her spoon on the floor. "I thought she was having an allergic reaction to the cake we were eating. She looked at me like I was a zombie about to attack her. All I said was that I'm a Scorpio. Is that bad?" It wouldn't have been so bad if Bibbs was a Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn or Pisces, but Taurus and Scorpio is a notoriously terrible astrological combination. The worst nightmarish life imaginable flashed through Bibbs' mind as she abruptly got up from the table, spilling glasses and plates along the way. Other restaurant patrons thought Gianunzio had perhaps struck her or said something truly mean. "She looked like she was running away from an attacker. There was true fear on her face," said the restaurant manager. "I sent a waitress into the bathroom to check on her and Ms. Bibbs asked to leave the restaurant through the back to avoid having to see the man again, who I guess has a birthday in October or November." We managed to speak to Bibbs on the phone and she was still shaken from the experience. "If he thinks I'm going to live a life of secrecy and poisonous jealousy then he's even more Scorpio than I thought," she told Egobaby. "I should have known when he ordered the sparkling water he was clearly manipulating me from behind the scenes. I narrowly escaped a lifetime of emotional blackmail." Gianunzio chalked it up to the world of online dating and has since entered a loving relationship with a Sagittarius, which isn't ideal.