Woman Applies Feng Shui To Life; Finds Balance & OCD

Harleyville, SC - For years, friends and family of Janice Compagna refused to step foot inside her house, fearing the mess and yuck that enveloped every corner.

When Compagna lost her cat in her own home she decided to hire a feng shui expert to transform her living space. In a single day she went from a loose hot mess to an orderly and anxious hot mess.

Friends were amazed at the perfection and orderliness in the home, however there was a museum-like air to the place that wasn't very comfortable. "I tried to pick up a ceramic frog I thought was cool," said Compagna's friend, Kyle, "and she slapped my hand and said, 'Don't touch that. Don't touch anything. Just stand still and figure out a way to leave without touching anything.' I was in there for all of three minutes before she made me leave, claiming I smelled like disease and filth. I also had to take steps in groups of threes to exit her home."

"I couldn't believe the transformation," Compagna told Egobaby. "Once my house was rearranged into neat, compartmental spaces, flowing with the right energy, in the right directions, everything in its right place, not to be moved or touched by anyone else, but sitting perfectly in its own spot, not touching or moving anything, angled perfectly, neat - well, it was a miracle and it changed my life."

"I knocked on her door and she told me she couldn't let me in because I was bound to touch something," said Compagna's friend, Elise. "She also told me if I was going to knock to please do it three times in a short staccato rhythm, which I did, but she still wouldn't let me in. She asked me to knock three more times before leaving as well, which I did but I don't know why."

While Compagna's new feng shui life is orderly, it's also perhaps too rigid. "Feng shui should allow for flow, not rigidity," says shui expert Carl Glassman.

Compagna wholeheartedly agrees, adding, "When I face my chair east, then west, and then east again, in that order, I feel the flow."