Ascetic Prays Abstention Pays Off Soon

Himalayan Mountains, India - Baba Jai Ramananda took to the mountains fifteen years ago to rid himself of worldly attachments in the pursuit of enlightenment.

He meditates for the majority of the day and is committed to breaking through the mental delusions. While he's fully aware that he is the one who renounced a worldly life, he is eager to know if any spiritual accomplishments are around the corner for him.

"At the beginning I was aiming for total enlightenment and the destruction of self, now I'd just like to be able to bend a fucking spoon," said Ramananda. "Shouldn't I be able to levitate or something at this point?"

Baba Ramananda gave up the opportunity for a wife, a family, shelter, delicious food, entertainment and the spoils of society in exchange for the release from cyclical karmic rebirth. "It seemed like a good idea at the time," said Ramananda.

He says he's not going to quit any time soon, but would like to point out that if he were a business he would have declared bankruptcy a long time ago and would have received tax benefits. "But I don't get any tax benefits if I quit. In fact, all the local villagers would probably resent me for all the free food and clothing they've given me. I can see it in their eyes."