Spirit Annoyed Only Five Year Old Can See It

Picher, OK - Five-year-old Troy Raymiss loves talking to his old man friend, Dr. Henry Lemore, III, who died in 1904 in the same house Raymiss lives in. Raymiss asks Dr. Lemore all kinds of questions: where he's from, how did he die, how come he's a spirit, what games he likes to play, and so on.

Lemore patiently answers Raymiss' questions because this is the first human he has been able to make contact with since he died. He has been stuck in limbo for over 100 years, not quite sure of his whereabouts or what is going on. He is growing very annoyed that this is the only being that can see him.

Raymiss' parents walked into his room when they first heard Troy talking to somebody to ask him who it was. "Dr. Henry Lemore, III," Troy answered, which they thought was very cute and imaginative. "Our boy's a genius," Lemore heard Troy's father say to his wife.

Fearing he was losing yet another chance to make contact Dr. Lemore began screaming, “HE’S NOT A GENIUS! HE SEES ME! PLEASE, I NEED TO SPEAK TO AN ADULT, I'M BORED AS HELL WITH THIS KID!"

But Troy's parents couldn't hear him because he exists in another realm where dead people reside when they're not ready to move on. Raymiss' parents were concerned, however, when Troy later told them that his friend, Dr. Lemore, was angry with them. They thought perhaps their son was maladjusted and was transferring his own emotions onto them via an imaginary friend.

"Oh brother, he's not transferring anything, you idiots," Dr. Lemore said to no one, though Troy heard it of course. "He's the only one who can see me! This is what I get for dealing with the Rutherfords."

Troy then asked, "Did you say Rubberbirds?" Dr. Lemore answered, "No, Rutherfords." Troy then said, "Rubberbirds is funny." Dr. Lemore sank in his chair, moaned, and made a few cabinets open and close.