Woman's Eyes Call Other Woman A Cunt But Out Loud She Says "Namaste"

Miami, OH - Onlookers at a recent group meditation session reported that it was clear Samantha Harris' eyes were clearly calling Kathy Iberson a "cunt."

Harris told Egobaby, "That's ridiculous, I clearly and audibly said 'Namaste' to Kathy, as I always do, because I believe we're all one. Why, did Kathy say something differently?"

If Harris' eyes were calling Iberson a "cunt" it was most likely due to Harris' four year old son, Harry, running around and between everyone while they were trying to meditate.

"Harry's a great kid, and I love him like he was one of my own," Iberson told Egobaby, "but it would be nice if Samantha could cut down his sugar intake, at least before the meditation session, which is something I suggested to her when we were all saying goodbye."

"It was that 'suggestion' of Kathy's that probably made my eyes look like they were calling her a 'cunt' even though they weren't because I believe in the law of karma and I would never do anything to disturb that law. Namaste," Harris said to us, before hanging up the phone.