Man's Meditation Room Immaculately Unused

Lake Havasu City, AZ - Two years ago Scott Grillo built his dream meditation room. He set it up perfectly with the desired minimalism and color palette. He even had a Buddhist monk come over and bless it so that it would be protected by guardian deities.

Though he is unable to admit to himself that he doesn't actually use it, the truth is the closest he has come to using it is peering in occasionally on his way to the kitchen. When he does peer in he looks at it admiringly and thinks it's a great room.

"One of the reasons I was attracted to Scott was because he said he meditated," said ex-girlfriend, Katie Muehler, "but every time I suggested meditating in his beautiful meditation room he asked me not to go in there because I'd get it dirty. I said we could take our shoes off and meditate together, but he said he didn't think it was a good idea. I never found out why."

"I bet you're eager to sit in this room, huh?" asked Grillo's contractor, Steve Ising, once he completed the renovation, "and he said 'you don't even know' but when I came back a week later for some finishing touches it was clear he hadn't stepped foot in it once."

Grillo meanwhile insists he does use the room a lot more than people give him credit. "I use the room. Do I use it every day? No. It's also important to keep the energy of the room clean, which most people don't understand."

"In the two years I dated him - right when the room was completed mind you," said Muehler, "he never stepped foot in there. We broke up two weeks ago so if he's saying he's meditated in there then it's the past two weeks and for the past two weeks he's been out of town."

Grillo issued this rebuttal: "Katie has personal reasons for saying I don't use my meditation room. She doesn't understand that simply having my meditation room is part of the meditation process."