Woman Reluctantly Moves Her Yoga Mat Over To Make Room For Someone Else

Paducah, KY - Jane Owens doesn't like it when the yoga class she attends gets crowded to the point where she has to repeatedly move her mat over to make space for others. Though she attends the most popular time slot it always comes as a rude surprise when someone politely asks her if she could move her mat a bit.

Owens will sigh as she stands up to move her mat about an inch. "Do you have enough room?" she'll ask out of obligation and the other student often says, "If you could move it over just a little bit more that would be great." Owens will then feign moving the mat but won't actually move it.

"I can tell she doesn't like making room," said teacher Dan Parish, "so I'll usually say 'If everyone could move their mats over to make room for everyone that would be great.' Jane usually flashes me a mean look, rolls her eyes, and then moves her mat as little as possible."

She has been heard muttering things like, "If I move any further I'm gonna be right at the wall" and "Of course it's always me who has to move."

Owens will make a big show of repositioning her blocks, blanket, and strap once she has moved her mat over. "Just gotta move my stuff and you should have enough room," she told Abe Reynolds in one class, and then acted as if moving each item was like Sisophys pushing a boulder up a mountain.