Yoga Teacher Asks Class To "Thread Their Heart Through Their Chest;" Confused, No One Does

Kissimmee, FL - Students of Susie Barber's Vinyasa yoga class last Tuesday were at a loss when Barber repeatedly told them to "thread their heart through their chest."

Barber released the phrase with full confidence as if it was something that people say - and can do for that matter - but it left those in the class looking to others for example.

Barber's instruction was accompanied by a motion of her hands spreading outward, but that didn't help anyone understand what she was saying.

Nevertheless a few students were noticeably sticking their chest out in an attempt to somehow get their heart outside of their body.

"I know how to use thread with clothing, but I'm not sure how to use thread to bring my heart through my chest and then outside of my body. Also, wouldn't that kill me?" said student, Janelle Richardson.

When Egobaby asked Barber for clarification, she said, "You simply bring it through," smiled at us, bowed, and continued to rub sesame oil on her arms.