Man Declares Bankruptcy Despite Careful Placement Of Feng Shui Water Fountain

Brookings, SD - Gary Briggs was facing financial hard times so he decided to take his friends' advice and place a feng shui fountain near the front door of his home. This is said to promote wealth and prosperity in your life.

Briggs' business was failing but he vowed to give it one more year to see if he could resuscitate it back to life. In this vain he decided to try everything.

Always a believer in Chinese philosophy he strategically placed feng shui water fountains all over his house. Despite this careful placement his business still failed, he went bankrupt, and he doesn't have a penny to his name.

"I really thought these fountains would come through for me. I told the bank manager, 'Qi rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water.' The bank manager told me he didn't know what that meant and hung up the phone."

Briggs was forced to move back in with his mother, who is a hoarder. He brought one feng shui fountain with him.

"At first I was depressed about moving in with my mother. My old room is filled with cat shit. The upside is my mother liked my feng shui fountain so much she bought thirty of them. Once I get them carefully placed the money should start rolling in, if I can keep her cats from pissing in them."