Yoga Teacher Vaguely Links Life Lesson To Yoga Practice

Saco, ME - Yoga teacher Rachel Bromberg makes it a point to start her class by sharing her thoughts about the world and how they relate to the practice of yoga, and spirituality at large.

Last Wednesday Bromberg shared a story about being at the laundromat, watching the clothes tumble in the dryer. "And that's what we want to do here in yoga, we want to let the dryer of the universe," and here Bromberg paused for acknowledgement, which didn't come, "tumble us around with each other, right?"

Students were reportedly happy to go along with her, but didn't know what she was saying exactly. "We don't want to say 'I have to move this way or that way, because the dryer is going to move us whichever way we want, so I urge you to let your body move the way it wants. And then when you're out in the world, let your body move the way the universe wants it too, right?"

Michael Tuscani reportedly turned to his wife, Michelle, at this point and said, "How long is this class?"