Yoga Teacher Has No Intention Of Ever Ending Class

Brookings, SD - Students of Haley Loughlin's 8AM Vinyasa flow class started to get suspicious around the hour and forty-five minute mark about whether the class would ever end.

The class is supposed to be an hour and a half, but Loughlin's classes do not have a clear ending. Students were deflated to hear her say, "Great we have some more time," when she heard it was nine-thirty, the time the class was supposed to end.

"I started to realize Haley didn't have any intention of ending the class," said student Paula Hinman, "when it was ten minutes past the scheduled end time and she said 'let's revisit the poses we did at the beginning.'"

Eventually, students began to pack up their mats and head out, issuing a terse "Namaste" as they exited the studio. Nothing seemed to deter Loughlin from pushing right on through with new poses and instructions.

"I kept expecting shavasana to come but then it was inversions, then another down dog, then a twist, then a back bend, then inversions again, then pigeon," said student Ken Janitsky, "I almost screamed 'Enough!' but I ended up fainting. When I came to she was still teaching but I was the only one in the room."

Once Janitsky arose from unconsciousness he packed up his mat and left the class. Loughlin smiled and waved at him and then kept teaching to an empty studio. The last thing he heard her say was, "If at any time you need to rest you can always go into child's pose. It's about listening to your body."

In her bio she states, "My style is like a river, it bends and flows according to each student's ability." A Yelp reviewer responded to her bio with this comment, "ALL RIVERS FLOW INTO OCEANS - where's YOUR ocean?!?!"