Spiritual Healer/Doula/Empath/Crystal Jewelry Maker Looking For Part-Time Admin Job

Boulder, CO - Maggie Shaw is an experienced spiritual renaissance woman who is in desperate need of some part-time work. As a healer she has worked with a few of the dying and has assisted in a pregnancy, for which she was not paid. Nevertheless she is available and slightly willing to take on a mellow admin job, possibly for a local bookstore or a food co-op.

She only needs a few hundred dollars and doesn't want to cram up her schedule should she land a gig in the healing/doula/crystal jewelry areas. She's also getting a certificate in crystal healing to bolster her healing prowess and needs some time to do the required reading and practical exams.

Currently residing on various couches, she'd like to save up enough to go to another city or country, but she will let her employers know this in the interview.

"I like to get everything up front so we all feel each others' energy and see if it's a right fit," Shaw told Egobaby. "I have things to teach and I'm interested in learning from others, but if the job is going to be a classic patriarchal 'I'm the boss and you are my employee' relationship then that's not really where my evolution is right now."

Friends of Shaw are none too eager to recommend her for jobs, having been burned in the past. "I actually gave her a job as a customer service representative but she told me that she is an empath and it was too much energy to take on," said Al, a friend of Shaw's.

"I told her you can sell my bags with me at the flea market if you want and she agreed, but she never showed up," said Tina, a friend of Shaw's. "I called her cell phone and it said the number was out of service. I got an email from her a week later telling me she was in Hawaii at a tantric retreat and could she land at my place when she got back."

To date, Shaw has narrowed her job search results to month-to-month and two days a week.