Man Who Cut Sugar Out Of His Diet Eating 25 Larabars A Day

Gulf Shores, AL - Larry Tuffnell's metabolism was getting worse with age. Dismayed over his recent weight gain he decided to cut sugar out of his diet completely.

After a month of his no sugar diet he found he was exclusively eating Larabars all day long. To make matters worse, he was fatter than ever.

Tuffnell says he's never felt better. He said he has increased energy and though he may be fatter, he feels emotionally better about what he's putting in his body. "Once you cut sugar out of your life you discover just how much food has sugar in it. It's a real epidemic in our country," he said with two pecan pie flavored Larabars smushed into his mouth.

"I tried to tell Larry that while Larabars don't have any added sugar the sugar from the fruit is enough to cause weight gain if you eat too many," said Tuffnell's nutritionist. "He told me to mind my own business and asked me if I knew where one might buy Larabars wholesale."