Man Obsessed With Law Of Attraction Teachings Keeps Manifesting More Teachings On Law Of Attraction

St. George, UT - Paul Oliver's life changed when he discovered the teachings on law of attraction, that your thoughts create your reality.

So inspired was he by the teachings that he began to devour videos, books, live seminars, blogs, anything he could get his hands on that dealt with the law of attraction theory.

And it wasn't long before the law of attraction started proving itself to him: by bringing him more teachings of the law of attraction via books, videos, live seminars, blogs, movies, audio tapes, random encounters with people who know about the law of attraction, and basically any possible medium through which information can be received by a human being.

"This law of attraction is something," Oliver told Egobaby, "it's really true. I am constantly thinking about the law of attraction and I am constantly manifesting new ways of devouring more lessons on the law of attraction.

"I am also moving back in with my parents next week but I think there is also a law of attraction course being taught near their house, so I gotta say, the law of attraction does it once again."