Woman Turns To Tantric Dance Lifestyle After Failed Assimilation Into Society

Taos, NM - Loretta Jervis is a totally nice woman with something to offer the world, but unfortunately neither she nor anyone else that has ever met her knows what that is.

Having successfully made it to the age of forty-four without having established herself in any profession or social group or local society she decided to take a tantric class to try something new. It was there she found a group of individuals willing to take her in.

"I don't know that I even love tantric dance per se," Jervis told Egobaby, "but I like having a place to go where there are people who look at me and say words to me. I had always seen this done by others, but it's really something to finally be a part of something, even if I myself am not completely sure what that something is or the I that I am that is experiencing it is."

"We're happy Loretta has something akin to friends," said Jervis' mother, Francesca, "it's been hard for the world to fathom exactly what she is. May this tantric dance class do the trick once and for all."