Yoga Teacher Knows He's Not A Guru, But Also Thinks "Maybe I am"

Owensboro, KY - While Oren Gabel loves the attention he receives from yoga students when delivering little life lessons at the beginning of class, he knows he's not their guru. He knows that he's just a man who went through yoga teacher training and teaches yoga for a living and is no more enlightened than the mix of people that come to his classes.

But there's another side of him that thinks, "Maybe I am their guru." It's that side of him that keeps him teaching life lessons to his students at the beginning of classes. "I take a look around the room when I'm giving my life lesson to check for any adoration," Gabel told Egobaby. "Sometimes I see it and I think 'that person considers me their guru' and that keeps me humble."

Egobaby did a thorough investigation of Gabel's students and discovered that none of them consider him their guru. In actuality, most of them did not know what a guru is.

One student told Egobaby, "I always thought he was talking to himself."