Man Takes Bath Detox, Masturbates; Old Anxieties Resurface Half Hour Later

Portsmouth, NH - Al Mabone's daily life stress was reaching a critical point so he took his friend's advice and submerged himself in a bath detox. While detoxing at his local spa, Mabone said he experienced a complete vacation from his anxieties.

"The salt content was so concentrated that my body floated and I experienced a weightlessness. During that time I was free of the worry that normally follows me around," Mabone told Egobaby.

After Mabone arose from his bath detox, he masturbated in the spa's bathroom, which furthered his decompression. "When he left the spa, I saw a man as light as a feather," said Trish, the spa worker who ran his bath for him.

Unfortunately, back at home, Mabone's anxiety returned to his system, so he decided the best thing to do would be to eat a pint of ice cream, masturbate again, and stay up as late as possible to combat the fear of death.