Many Humans Choosing To Reincarnate As Various Marriott Hotels Rather Than Human Beings

Around the World, Earth - You might have noticed the rise in various Marriott hotels in recent years. There is the Courtyard Marriott, the Renaissance Marriotts, the Residence Inn Marriotts, the W Hotels, the Edition Hotels, the Ritz-Carltons, the Fairfield Inns, and countless others.

What at first seemed like entrepreneurship and good old-fashioned capitalism turned out to be human consciousness reincarnating under the Marriott brand.

Said one slice of universal consciousness that spoke to Egobaby from another realm, "The lessons I have to learn in the next lifetime would be better learned as a twenty-six floor mid-luxury hotel with affordable nightly rates."

In fact more and more souls are choosing to come back under the umbrella of the Marriott brand. "It just makes more sense," said the spirit of a Courtyard Marriott to Egobaby, "I saw the projected life for me as a human and it was a lot of the same ol same ol. I realized I could serve mankind better by expanding the gold member status and continental breakfast choices of the Courtyard Marriott I eventually became."