Spiritual Woman Finds Beauty In Everything Except Republican Neighbor, Jim

Bluffton, SC - Wendy Brelsford is a believer that there is beauty in all things, that the universal divine spirit from which we all arise flows through every object and being on the planet, with the exception of her republican neighbor, Jim.

"We come into this life to gather experiences and advance consciousness," Brelsford told Egobaby, "but I can only assume Jim came into this life to show me what pure evil looks like. If he doesn't take that Trump sign off his lawn, I'm going to throw a flaming bag of shit at his door, and I'll do it while residing in the space between thoughts."

Brelsford says she does see the inherent beauty in the material of Jim's "I'm a deplorable" t-shirt but she opines that the man beneath it should undergo an abortion, despite his already being a grown person.