Impatient Woman Chooses Death Over "Boring" Ayurvedic Healing

Manitowoc, WI - When Kitty Oxenham was given a two-week-to-live death notice by her doctor she vowed to try alternative medicine in the hopes of extending her life. After a week at attempting healing from within via the Ayurvedic way, she decided the excitement of death was more appealing than the slow burn of holistic healing.

"I'm gonna die from boredom if I have to balance my mind and body for another minute," Oxenham told Egobaby. "Who has the patience for this? Give me death or give me death at this point."

Oxenham was hoping for some quick results, but the daily oil rubs, breathing exercises, yoga, and mantra recitation was too much to bear. "Isn't there a book on tape I could listen to? Who has time for this?" Oxenham reportedly asked shortly before passing.