Despite Being Told Meditation Precedes Relaxation Man Persists He's Not Relaxed Enough To Meditate

Bowers, DE - Friends, family members, girlfriends, meditation instructors, and yoga teachers have all patiently explained to Tom Gould that you are not supposed to be relaxed and able to sit still before you start to meditate, that in fact meditation is the practice that enables you to sit still and relax your mind.

Regardless, Gould persists in replying to the world that there's no way he can meditate because he thinks too much and doesn't like to sit still for long periods. When it has been pointed out that this is the very reason one meditates, Gould will say, "Yeah, but I can't sit still so I can't meditate."

Friends of Gould who meditate and would like him to meditate for the very reasons he says he can't meditate have given up suggesting the practice. "I'm done," his friend Sarah said, "and I no longer think of him as smart either."

Compounding matters is that Gould has expressed interest in finding a practice that could help him decompress. This only infuriates those who have told him that's exactly why you meditate. "Yeah, but I can't sit still and I have too many thoughts," Gould always says back to them.

"I remember thinking, 'you're a fucking idiot' in my head," said Gould's friend, Dan.