Dream Traveler's Manager Has Had Enough Of His Bullshit Excuses For Coming In Late

Hooksett, NH - Kevin Mason is an agile dream traveler, traversing the illusory dream landscape as he wishes, hopping from one reality to the next, often falling asleep in his bed only to wake up in another city or country. It's an exciting life, and one that his manager, Todd Poplawski, has had enough of.

"I don't know where Kevin goes in his unconscious hours and I don't care. He made a commitment to be at his desk promptly at nine AM Monday through Friday," Poplawski told Egobaby. "I'm sick of hearing his excuses of 'I'm caught between realms and there's no sense of time or space here.' The handbook he signed specifically states that employees must adhere to the rules or face termination."

The only reason Polawski won't fire Mason is because of Mason's consistently high sales numbers. "If he wasn't such a damn good rep he'd be gone a long time ago. Still, his job is in this reality. I don't know how many times I have to tell him that."

Mason doesn't want to lose his job but is admittedly losing his sense of permanence and solidity. "Everything is liquid to me," Mason told Egobaby, but Poplawski says, "I don't care if everything is liquid! This is the last time I hire a Yaqui."