Man Thrown Out Of Health Food Store For Speaking Negatively In Front Of The Kale

Clearwater, FL - Larry Kemp was thrown out of his local health food store on Tuesday after getting multiple warnings not to speak negatively in front of the kale.

"I politely asked him to move on if he was going to express himself negatively with kale present," said store manager David Sadler, "yet he kept complaining to his wife about Trump and the state of the world, all of which I empathize with, but could have been handled in the frozen food section."

Kemp is often starting anti-Trump conversations in the store with any willing parties but the store has policies about politics and kale being in the same room. Sadler claims he could see the kale retreating into itself and turning color before his eyes. "None of us like Trump," Sadler told Egobaby, "but when I literally hear kale wailing in my ears that's where I draw the line."

Kemp says the store is being ridiculous and if the kale is crying then Trump is to blame.