Single Woman Welcomes Night Alone With Her Kundalini Energy

Brookings, SD - Harriett Norman has been so busy lately that she was relieved to spend a quiet Friday night at home last week with nothing more than her own kundalini energy.

"I've been meaning to awaken my inner, hidden fire for weeks now so this is long overdue," Norman told Egobaby. "And when I say 'hidden fire'," Norman continued, "I mean my vagina emanating a thousand light beings of pure bliss that purify negative energy in the world."

Norman's girlfriends always share their alone night experiences with each other but don't know exactly how to relate to Norman's alone nights.

"We might say, 'Oh you should see the movie, Something Borrowed. Or 'I can't believe I ate a whole pint of ice cream,'" Norman's friend, Betty told Egobaby, "But Harriett will talk of her vagina exploding into a pure realm of compassion and oneness. There's usually an awkward pause and then one of us will suggest getting some frozen yogurt."