Woman's Vagina Dries Up After Her Spiritual Boyfriend Gives Her Rock That Says "Gratitude"

Madrid, NM - Kelly Chapman's vagina was reportedly very wet throughout the first few weeks of her relationship with her pan-spiritual boyfriend, Jonathan. It wasn't until Jonathan gave her an inspirational rock with the word "gratitude" on it that her vagina dried up for good.

"I tried not to notice that my vagina was drying up fast, but it was futile, and honestly quite scary," Chapman told Egobaby. "Intellectually, I wasn't that turned off by the rock, but my vagina had a different opinion."

Her boyfriend, Jonathan, has given inspirational rocks to all his past girlfriends. Rocks that have said "hope," "breathe," "compassion," and "trust," to name a few. Chapman is the first to openly acknowledge the desert-like atmosphere that enveloped her vulva.

When this Egobaby reporter met with Jonathan, he gave me one that said "harmony" on it. Though I am male I felt my genitals first transform into a vagina and then dry up immediately thereafter. It took some hours after for my body to return to its original state.