Communal Bed Family Yearning For Space In Studio Apartment

Sapulpa, OK - The Kaber family's communal "king plus" bed is flush with the entrance to their studio apartment's doorway. Other than that obstacle the Kaber family enjoys a hindrance-free platonic love that circulates between their bodies whenever they find themselves in the apartment, which is to find yourself on the bed.

Marty and Kathy Kaber and their two children, Jake (10) and Emily (6), have been sleeping in the same bed with each other their entire lives. They have no secrets and they believe a communal family bed promotes love and tears down boundaries. They also wish they had room for a refrigerator or a piece of space that the communal bed did not cover.

"My dreams are always of me standing up," says ten year old Jake. A resounding, "Me, too" came from the rest of the Kabers. "But," Marty went on to say, "I wouldn't trade our communal bed for the world. What we lack in space we gain in sexual intimacy."