Demon Admits He Loves To Crouch In High Corners

Netherworld, Hell - A demon who wishes to remain anonymous finally admitted that, yes, he and basically all other demons love to crouch in high corners.

"I love it," said the demon who spoke to this reporter in his dreams. "I love crouching there, waiting for someone to notice me, gives me a cheap thrill, it's one of the main reasons I committed my soul to an eternal hell."

Demons' knees are perfectly fitted to crouch in high corners as they bend backwards, so oftentimes it's more for comfort. "Look, I'd be happy to stand just like any two-legged creature, but my knees feel best when fitted into a tight corner," said the anonymous demon.

They're voyeuristic at heart, it turns out. The demon told Egobaby that when he and the other demons he knows were all regular humans they loved voyeur porn.

"When someone wakes up in the middle of the night and sees us crouching in the corner, we end up haunting them more out of shame and embarrassment. We think we're invisible, free to masturbate high in a corner, and then we're spotted. It's enough to drag an innocent soul into an eternal hellfire of torture and damnation."