Vegan Mother Tells Son's 8 Year Old Meat-Eating Friend That Red Meat Causes Heart Attacks

Santa Cruz, CA - Local resident, Louise Fabiano, was recently disgusted to learn that Jeff, her son's 8 year old friend, was regularly consuming red meat. When she asked her son, Teddy, what she and Jeff wanted for lunch, Jeff asked if he could have a hamburger.

Louise couldn't help herself and blurted out, "Red meat is terrible for the immune system. It causes heart attacks, raises your blood pressure, and clogs the arteries, preventing blood from reaching your heart." When Jeff reacted in stunned silence she took that as her cue to go on. "It's one of the number one causes of premature death in males," she concluded.

Jeff asked if he could go home at that point, afraid he was going to die. Louise told him he unfortunately had to stay until his mother picked him up but tried to reassure him by saying, "You're not going to die, but you should definitely stop eating so much meat. And please tell your father too as well because he might actually die young."

Jeff started to cry and ran up to Teddy's room. Fabiano thought about her actions and rationalized, "Better he learn someday than never."