Broke Spiritual Relative Gives Nice Looking Rocks Tied To A String As Holiday Presents

Arvada, CO - Alan Blundell has no money, so instead he gives his relatives rocks he says are infused with blessings from spiritual teachers he has encountered. His relatives always say "Thank you so much" and then place the rock down on a table near them, figuring they'll either remember to take it with them or they won't.

"Even if I had money to spare," Blundell told Egobaby, "I would still give some rocks out because while their gifts are not readily recognizable they are working their magic behind the scenes and that is the best gift I can give to anyone, which is the gift of spiritual attainment."

"I am dismayed to hear that," said Blundell's cousin, Rachel. "I was hoping the rocks would stop at some point. I have a drawer full that I feel bad about throwing out. What am I doing with a drawer of rocks?"