Desperate to Know Future, Woman Flips Tarot Card After Tarot Card After Tarot Card After Tarot Card

Pearl, MS - Diane Orwin has been needing answers for the last few weeks and she needs them now. The two pyschic readings, astrology reading, colorstrology reading, numerology reading, and intuitive massage she got all in one week did not yield the desired results.

She has been fervently flipping through her entire tarot card deck, but is facing two major problems: she isn't satisfied with each card's prognosis and she also doesn't know how to read tarot cards.

"Will I have money soon?' I asked and I got something with swords. I didn't like that. So I asked 'Will I find a husband?' I got something with coins. Well, what does that mean exactly? So I asked 'Will I have an adventure soon?' I got a picture of the sun and a naked woman at a pond. Is that good?" Orwin asked Egobaby (we didn't know).